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Celebrating over 40 years – Since 1973 – Located in Tampa, FL – Tocobaga District

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Cubmaster’s Corner


This year has started off with a bang! Congratulations to all the Scouts for the hard work in earning there rank badges. Blue and Gold was a great success due to all the parental envolment. Thank you all so much! We have a few great events to come over the next several months. I am looking forward to the upcoming campouts, and most of all Crossover.

I am excited  about up coming changes and event that Asst. Cub Master Joe and I will be doing to improve our pack. We both recently attended Wood badge, which is an intensive leadership training program. Over the next 18 months we will be working on specific goals that will benefit the pack. Here are a few that we will be looking forward to with lots of pack participation.

Uniform Locker- this will house uniforms to help Scouts in need.

God and Family- This is a family program it’s objective is for learning and service to others. Faith based and non-denominational view points. Scouts that participate will receive a spiritual knot patch and a medallion.

Participation in more counsel events- for example, jamborees, daycamps, and campouts.

Storage Trailer- this is a service project to obtain free trailer in which we will organize all pack supplies and equipment.

In closing, I just want to say that what makes a pack healthy is lots of parent participation. So I welcome your ideas.


Cub Master Derall


It has been a very busy start to this Scouting year. So far we have 26 new scouts and 6 new leaders signed-up this year. We all have enjoyed the new additions to the Pack and several have stepped up to volunteer in many different areas. Although many have volunteered, the Pack could always used more parents help. If you would like to help please contact me.

I would like to thank all the Den Leaders for there part in making this a great Pack.

We just had a great campout this past weekend!  A BIG THANK YOU to Betty Metosh and Michelle Burchell for  organizing this event. Again thank you all for your hard work.

Mr. Derall


2009 is here!  We’ve had a pretty busy scout year so far, and all of our scouts are making terrific progress towards earning their next rank, especially our Sr Webelos who have all completed their requirements for Arrow of Light.  I’m extremely proud of how the entire Pack is progressing this year.

One more thing – get your cars ready!  The Pine Wood Derby will be here before you know it!

Mr. Joe


A word on Cub Scout Leader Training…  This topic comes up kind of frequently, so I thought I’d take a minute and post my two cents on the topic.

What Makes a Cub Scout Leader “Trained”?  You know, so that they can wear that neat little “Trained” patch on their shirts?  Well, the answer is simple:
Cub Scout Den Leaders and Committee Members are considered “trained” when they have completed 1) New Leader Essentials and 2) the Cub Scout Leader Specific (CSLS) training for their position.
Cubmasters and Assistant Cubmasters are considered “trained” when they have completed 1) New Leader Essentials, 2) Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster Leader Specific Training, and 3) Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills.

That’s all there is to it!

Now – it’s the Pack’s expectation that everyone that holds a Den Leadership position be trained in their respective field.  If you’re a Den Leader – new or old – and are NOT trained, please check the calendar for upcoming training dates and make arrangements to attend!  Hey – you want to show off your “Trained” patch don’t you??

Mr. Joe


Recruiting is underway for the 2008-2009 Scout Year, and I wanted to take a minute to give a HUGE THANKS for all of the volunteers in Pack 246 that are helping out.  Recruiting is one of my #1 priorities this year, and I’m extremely thankful to have a group of dedicated Pack 246 supporters that continue to go above and beyond in helping out.   I also wanted to give a GREAT BIG HUGE THANKS to my scouts that are earning thier Recruiter patches!  You guys rock!

Mr. Joe


We had a GREAT time at the Tampa Yankees baseball game last night!  Congrats to Awni and Christopher who got called out onto the field to participate in contests, and also congrats to our scouts who managed to get the fly balls that went into the stands.  It was really great for me just watching them have fun in the stadium, and also having time to kick back and talk with the other parents – it’s a reminder of why we’re all in scouts.  The friendships we make, the fun we have, and the character we build all show up in times like that.  I hope everyone had as good of a time as I did with my kids, my scouts, and my friends.  An extra big THANKS to Ms. Becca who got the tickets donated to us and made the fun accessible for everyone.

Mr. Joe


This will be a page where I’ll be leaving notes on what’s going on, and anything in particular that we need help with.  Hang in there – the info will be coming soon!

Mr. Joe