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Celebrating over 40 years – Since 1973 – Located in Tampa, FL – Tocobaga District

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What to Bring Camping

Our standard campouts are pretty simple.  We generally go to Camp Owen J. Brorein in Odessa, FL, which you can find by following these directions.  When you arrive at camp, park in the parking lot and find one of the metal wagons out there for carrying your stuff to the campsite.  No cars are allowed on the campgrounds without explicit permission from the Ranger.  A map of the campgrounds is here.

For your first campout, just bring as much of the following equipment as you already own or can borrow. You will need a tent and sleeping bag right away, but try not to buy any other new equipment until you have been on a couple campouts.

Here’s a list of the  essentials you’ll need to bring:

A tent – Doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, just big enough for you and your scout to sleep in.
A tarp – Needs to be big enough to put your tent on. Not a good idea to put your tent directly on the ground.
Sleeping Bags – The cheapest ones you can find will be OK. The more expensive one is, the more it’ll keep you warm. It just doesn’t get cold enough here to justify an expensive one.
Soap and Towels – Yes, there are bathrooms and showers at the camp. No, they’re not fancy.
Toothbrush and toothpaste – For that minty fresh Camp Brorein smile!
A change of clothes – We play hard at camp and get pretty dirty sometimes. It’s nice to change into something clean to sleep in and wear the next day.
A folding chair – You will definitely need some place to relax during the day and most certainly at the campfire in the evening.
A flashlight – Other than the moon, there’s not a lot of property lighting at the camp.
Sunscreen – Cub Scout leaders are not allowed to rub sunscreen on children so you need to bring your own.
Bug repellent – This is Florida, and Brorein is by a lake, so there’s definitely mosquitoes in the evening.
Water bottles or canteens – There’s potable water at the spigots around camp that you can refill at. I’m not a big fan of bottled water, but that’s certainly OK too.

…and that’s about it.

Other things you can bring:

A camp stove and cooler if you’re bringing out food to cook.
A first aid kit. The pack has one but it’s always good to have a spare.
A cot, an air mattress, or foam sleeping pad. Generally scouts don’t mind sleeping without these – adults generally do.

Things you should NOT bring:

Portable electronic devices – This includes PSPs, Nintendo DS’s, iPods, radios, etc. They’ll just get lost or ruined and camp is simply not the place for them.
Boyfriends/Girlfriends – This straight from the BSA rule book. If you’re not married, you can’t sleep in a tent with them. They can come, but they’ll need to have their own tent. Might seem old fashioned, but that’s the way it is and the rules must be respected.
Your neighbor’s kids – Another one straight from BSA. If they’re not your kids, they can’t sleep in a tent with you.
Pets – No pets are allowed on the campgrounds.
Alcohol – No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the campgrounds.
Ash trays – There is no smoking on the campgrounds. You’ll have to go to the parking lot to smoke.

A final word on camping:

Cub Scouts creates opportunities for you to create lasting memories with your scout. Camping is a cornerstone of Cub Scout tradition that helps develop these opportunities. I highly encourage you to get involved with the Den Activities and games that we’ll be doing. It’s a lot of fun and your scout will remember it. There will also be some down time where nothing is really going on. Feel free to take advantage of that time to go on a walk with your scout and have some one on one time with them. The camp’s big, but not so big that you’ll get lost. Don’t hesitate to get out and explore with them. Camp Brorein has a special place in most of our hearts for one reason or another. The more you get out there and make the camp your own, the same thing will almost certainly happen to you.