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2015 Pine Wood Derby Date and Rules

January 20th, 2015 · No Comments

All – The date has been set for Pack 246’s 2015 Pine Wood Derby!  It will be on March 21st starting at First Reformed Church of Tampa.  The address there is:

8283 West Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa, FL 33615

Weigh-in will begin at 1pm and the races will start promptly at 2pm.  Scouts should be wear their full Class A uniforms.

The rules for this year’s race are the same rules we’ve always had.  They are as follows:

  1. Each boy should build his car with adult supervision. Adults should not build cars while boys watch.
  2. Each car should be built new this scouting season, from new materials. Please do not recycle last year’s fast car, best wheels, etc.
  3. Maximum width including tires and axles must not exceed 2 3/4″.
  4. Minimum width of the body at the axles should be 1 3/4″.
  5. Maximum length must not exceed 7″.
  6. Most Pinewood Derby Tracks have a 1/4″ high guide rail. Bottom clearance must be minimum 3/8″, to avoid dragging on this rail. Low hanging weights will often drag on the track.
  7. Maximum overall height of the car may not exceed 4″.
  8. The wheelbase (distance between the axles) must not exceed the distance between the precut axle slots on the standard pinewood block, i.e. 4 3/8″.
  9. The car may not exceed 141 grams as determined by the scale at the race.  We use grams instead of ounces because grams give better weight accuracy. *
  10. Axles and wheels must be official BSA equipment. The body must be designed from official Gran Prix Pinewood Derby kit. (No preformed bodies like Pinecar brand)
  11. The wheels may be lightly sanded or polished to remove bumps and blemishes. They must not be grooved, hollowed out, cut, or otherwise redesigned.
  12. The wheels should be lubricated with graphite or powdered silicone. Oil and other liquid lubricants are prohibited.
  13. Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited.
  14. The car must not ride on any kind of springs or suspension system, other than a suspension system that is actually carved from the pinewood block.
  15. Loose materials are not allowed on the cars during the race.
  16. No Liquid weights are allowed

At check-in, your car will be checked for the above dimensions and weight.  We also will have an “Open Class” race for cars that parents or siblings make, or which otherwise don’t conform to the above rules.

NOTE: If a car has an extremely pointed or high front end, some electronic race timers may not accurately determine the winner of a race. Our new track uses optical timers, so please understand if we have to re-race some cars because of designs that might impact the timing system.

Hint: Use 6 small and 6 large thumbtacks as part of your cars weight.  Mount them to the bottom of your car. You can easily remove or add them at the race to reach exactly 5 ounces without having to drill out your car if it’s over the weight limit.

* We will try to make the official scale that we use for the race available prior to race day so that you can pre-check your weight.

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