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Veteran’s Day Parade Information

November 4th, 2014 · No Comments

The lineup for the 2014 Tampa Veteran’s Day Parade has finally been announced, and the Pack will be in position E7.¬† This location is on Baseball Ave on the SOUTH side of Morgan Woods¬† where the hiking trail is.¬† A link to the official parade lineup map can be found here.

For our first time parade attendees, here are some quick Do’s and Don’ts for the parade:

DO be there before 8:00AM  the roads will be blocked this year at 8:30AM
DO drop a car off somewhere around the Post Office on Paula Drive so you can get out of there quickly
DO put sunscreen on your scout before you get out there
DO bring a bottle of water
DO have your scout wear their CLASS A UNIFORM  make them look sharp!
DO bring a camera  Рthere will be lots of picture moments
DO feel free to walk with the Pack.  Scouts will be in the front lined up by Den, parents and siblings will be behind us
DO feel free to bring a wagon to carry your stuff  although I can attest that towing one gets old right about at Fountain Ave
DO smile, have fun and wave to all the smiling faces we’ll see
DO take the time to spot and salute the veterans that we’ll see along the way

…and the very short Don’t list:

DON’T wear beads with your Class A or other non-uniform items
DON’T bring beads or other items (candy, flyers, etc) to throw or hand out
DON’T misbehave¬† – we’re not only representing Cub Scouts and the BSA, we’re representing the best of our schools and communities!

If it’s going to be chilly when we’re lining up, and it’s better to layer and wear a t-shirt and long sleeve shirt under your uniform than to wear a jacket.¬† It may start off a little chilly, but once we get walking they usually warm up pretty quick.¬† When we get there, we’ll practice lining up and rotating the Dens so that everyone gets a chance to hold the pack’s banner.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Mr Joe

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